Working Under Wall Cover

The first job we needed to tackle inside our reno house was all of the wall cover. Before we could really see the condition of every wall we needed to remove a variety of so called decorative materials that I never wanted to look at again.

I started with removing some of the paneling in one of the bedrooms. Which was only the beginning….

wallcover removal

From there, there was a layer of wallpaper then a layer of paint then another layer of wallpaper and another layer of paint. The room was two times bigger when I finished removing all of the wall layers! You can see a little bit of the frame from the drop ceiling in this photo as well. When we removed those panels, the room also had an added height of about a foot!

While I was working on the bedroom wall cover, Chuck was busy in the kitchen.

fabric wall cover

Again, it took a little uncovering to get to the original wall! The first layer had almost a canvas-y type of a feel.

wainscotting wall cover

The second layer was a stained wainscoting that appeared to be very nice at one time. Unfortunately, now it had some rotting and was too far gone to try and save.

wall cover

Finally, some plaster! It obviously would all have to be removed. An interesting little tidbit is the wadded up newspaper inside the wall. Was this intended to add insulation value at one point? Maybe a little more paper would have worked better…..

wadded newspaper

On to the next kitchen wall…..

contact paper wall cover

The layers were pretty much the same at the bottom half of the wall. The upper half of this wall had the lovely addition of some type of vinyl contact paper. It luckily peeled off quick and easy!

The remaining rooms, that had wall cover over the plaster, were uncovered in the same way. The only other funny surprise that we encountered was in one of the upper bedrooms….

wall cover

Underneath the paneling were some interesting drawings on the wall!

wall cover

We’ll just leave it at that…..which was revealing enough! It definitely made a mundane job more interesting.

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