Top Of Stairs Rework

One of the areas of the house I was most happy to have fixed was the rework that we did upstairs. More specifically, the area directly at the top of the stairs.

Originally, there was a small bedroom that had it’s door opening at the stair top. But, there was not a landing! It actually came out at the side of the stairwell.

Here is what it looked like before:


We closed up that doorway and it is now a walk in closet for the master bedroom. We had to add a doorway to the right of the stairs, coming from the office, for the master bedroom. The only way to enter the master bedroom before was through this little bedroom.

Here is how it looks from the top of the stairs now:

top of stairs rework


I can breathe easier knowing that no one is going to walk out at night and take a tumble down those stairs! The new door is now at a much better location and is shown to the left of the newly exposed brick.

First, here is a look at the rough in of the new door.

master bedroom doorway

And now the finished entrance.


That little room that was at the top of the stairs to the left now is just a walk in closet for the master bedroom with the entrance around the back of the bedroom.

Just for kicks, here is a reminder of what that little bedroom looked like before:

bedroom makeover

The edge of the door that you see is the one that is no longer there.

bedroom makeover

This back doorway is what led directly into the master bedroom. A very strange layout before but makes a very nice entrance to the walk in closet now. Oh, and by the way, notice all of that red paint on the wood floor. Chuck and I sanded all of that with power hand sanders so that our son in law could varnish the floors. Carpet would have been easier but we like the wood so much better!

And here is the finished closet!


walk in closet

This is a much better flow for the upstairs. Next up is the addition of a master bath!


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