The Master Bath Addition

Originally, this house had one very small bathroom on the main floor. When I say small, I am not kidding. You could barely walk through it sideways. I don’t know when indoor plumbing became part of this home but the bathroom was definitely an after thought.

Anyway, besides adding a couple of feet in width to the existing bathroom, we decided to add a second bathroom to the second floor. I always like have a master bedroom suite so wanted to have the second bathroom attached to the master bedroom.

Luckily, the master bedroom was large enough that we could section off part of the room for a new bathroom.


master bedroom doorway

As you peek through the doorway of the master bedroom, you can see the new wall that we put up for the master bath addition. The space that is left in the bedroom is not huge but is large enough for a bedroom especially with the large walk in closet that adjoins to the rear and left.

We could fit a tub/shower unit at one end of the bathroom and a built in shelving unit at the other. However, the highlight of this bathroom was the vanity sink. When we tore apart the kitchen, there was a cool farmhouse sink. It wasn’t going to fit into our kitchen plans but it would be perfect for this bathroom.


After positioning, we realized that we would have to have the electrical outlet rewired. It was originally placed for a more traditional vanity. We called the electrician back and had the new outlet placed under the sink on the left side.

The sink was mounted to the wall with a heavy duty bracket. It is very secure but we also decided to add some plumbers pipe legs for a little extra stability and a more industrial look.


The new faucet looks just like the original!

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