Our New Granite Gray Siding

While we were busy at work on the inside of the house, things were also happening on the outside. The replacement windows were installed first thing! We also hired one contractor to tear down the old enclosed porch and build a new covered deck. At the same time we had a crew working on installing a new roof and vinyl siding.

Before all of the siding could go on though, we had some prep work to do as well. The old house design had two entrances coming in from the back.

house back old design

It’s a little hard to see with the doors being the same color as the house. But, the one door has the screen door open and the other door is at the top of the ramp. We didn’t think the extra door with the screen was necessary and we also wanted to do away with the ramp.

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Plaster Walls No More!

Our home renovation project is already getting off to a larger scope of work than originally intended. The hope was to be able to repair the plaster and move on to the next project. However, even before consulting with a professional, we could see that there were just too many cracks, holes, and weak areas of plaster for us to effectively tackle those repairs. It was evident that new drywall was going to look so much better and alleviate the majority of our wall problems.

So now we begin making our biggest mess!

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A Preview Of Our First…Real Renovation

The majority of our construction experience has been in new construction versus renovation. We were very involved in the design of our previous homes and we pretty much built our cabin by ourselves….with alot of help from our friends! That experience alone taught us a lot about all aspects of building and innovative design ideas.

We have also done some light renovation work in our condo and a couple of our rental properties. Things like painting, new counters and sinks, and shopping for updated appliances. Basically a warm up to a real renovation project.

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