Putting Together The New House Design

Now that we basically have the house gutted, it is time to get to work on laying out our new house design. The majority of the changes are happening in the bathrooms and kitchen. In fact, one of the bathrooms didn’t even exist before!

Here is a look at the house design in the prints I drew up:

house design


The trickiest area for the kitchen was the area by the window and stair wall. I decided to make it a little nook area with a counter bar and stool. The plan is to have a sliding barn door at the stair opening which will slide toward the refrigerator when open.

house design


We really wanted to make the upper half of this home a master suite so a second bathroom was a must. Since the bedroom was large to begin with, we were able to section off part of it for a small but sufficient bathroom. We also will be converting that front small room into a large walk in closet. The old doorway into the room, that was awkwardly placed at the top of the stairs, will be closed off so the only access will be through the new master bedroom.

So now that I have planned the work, it is time to work the plan!

house design

Chuck and our son Dillon re-used the old studs to build the new wall. Back when the house was originally built, in 1905, the 2×4 studs were true 2 inches by 4 inches! The new “2×4’s”, purchased for framing in the upstairs bathroom, hardly looked sturdy enough in comparison.

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    1. Old! Everything will have to be re-done. Each of the rooms currently have a couple of outlets and one ceiling light but not every room has a light switch (just a chain). We are using a temporary furnace while we are working on the house so we don’t dirty up any new duct work. The furnace that was in the house when we bought it didn’t work.

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