Plaster Walls No More!

Our home renovation project is already getting off to a larger scope of work than originally intended. The hope was to be able to repair the plaster and move on to the next project. However, even before consulting with a professional, we could see that there were just too many cracks, holes, and weak areas of plaster for us to effectively tackle those repairs. It was evident that new drywall was going to look so much better and alleviate the majority of our wall problems.

So now we begin making our biggest mess!

plaster wall demolish

Chuck used an air jack hammer for removing the majority of the plaster from the walls. This really made the removal of the plaster pretty easy. The lath was taken off with a sledge hammer and crow bar, which wasn’t too difficult either. We left the lath on some of the walls but removed it from most of the ceilings. I mean, why create such a terrible mess if you don’t absolutely have to? The drywall can attach directly to the lath.

I can’t believe that I had the floors nicely swept before starting this demolition!

plaster demolition

The exposed ceiling in the master bedroom area now reveals the attic space and a brick chimney. We are thinking of creating a cathedral ceiling here, depending on the direction we go with the house. The brick will definitely be left exposed. The cobwebs will have to go.

plaster demolition

That one shovel scooped up a lot of plaster!

plaster demolition

And there I am picking up lath….to put in buckets… dump in dumpster….and repeat. In between shoveling up plaster for those same buckets!

plaster demolition

This was a brand new coat when I started! Okay, maybe not. It will definitely hit the dumpster when we are finished. Since there is so much dust, including lead paint dust and possible asbestos, we have been wearing these lovely masks everyday of the demolition. We do have heat in the house but I am in and out so much that I like to just keep the coat on.

brick under plaster

Here is more brick revealed in the dining room! There is so much dust in the air, we couldn’t even get a clear picture.

plaster demolish

The entire wall between this bedroom and bathroom will be removed so the studs are coming down next!

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