Our New Granite Gray Siding

While we were busy at work on the inside of the house, things were also happening on the outside. The replacement windows were installed first thing! We also hired one contractor to tear down the old enclosed porch and build a new covered deck. At the same time we had a crew working on installing a new roof and vinyl siding.

Before all of the siding could go on though, we had some prep work to do as well. The old house design had two entrances coming in from the back.

house back old design

It’s a little hard to see with the doors being the same color as the house. But, the one door has the screen door open and the other door is at the top of the ramp. We didn’t think the extra door with the screen was necessary and we also wanted to do away with the ramp.

vinyl siding prep

So here you can see where Chuck has closed in the one door. He as also removed the ramp and the door jam is being installed for the new door.

The siders have started wrapping the house first with tyvek to encapsulate any of the lead paint that comes loose. They will then install a fanfold board to give an even surface for installing the new vinyl siding over the existing siding.

And the finished product looks like this:

granite gray siding

This still isn’t the final exterior photo for our project though. We will be adding a new front door, exterior lights, finished under porch ceiling, and major tree trimming.

Here is the back:

granite gray siding

The roof is actually black!

Here are a couple of side by sides:

granite gray siding

The original siding was light blue with a light beige trim. We were hoping to add a little more drama with the granite gray siding and a bright white trim. It does stand out a lot more on the street and we are very happy with the result. We have a fun pop of color in mind for the exterior doors!

granite gray siding

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