We are Chuck and Renee Hanlon and we are into some serious makeovers. Although we are at an age where we should be looking at ourselves for a personal makeover or two, we are focusing on just homes for now! Our company, Rentovations, is all about taking old and neglected houses and turning them into revived and inviting rental homes.

The majority of our rentals are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Not only is this area close to our hometown but it is also growing in leaps, making it an exciting area to renovate. We recently moved to downtown Grand Rapids ourselves, having just become empty nesters! Our industrial style condo loft has been our first renovation project with upgrades to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Before taking on renovations, or should I say rentovations?…, our projects have always been new construction. Our most recent new construction project was the building of our cabin. From the design to the finish work, we had more unique diy projects in that process than any other that we have gone through. You can see many of the details at  Rustic Crafts and Chic Decor.

Join us on our journey as we begin to makeover one house at a time. Our home renovation blog will track our progress as we go. See the before pictures, find out what we run into as we do, and hopefully celebrate with us as we finish a home renovation with successful results.