A Welcoming New Foyer!

Finally, we can start revealing the finished renovation of our first project! I think a good place to start is with the foyer of the home. As you may remember, this home’s foyer was anything but welcoming. In fact, it pretty much screamed “Run the other way as fast as you can!!!”

Here is a little reminder of what we opened that front door to when we first bought the home.

foyer    stairway

After removing all of the plaster and drop ceilings, we installed drywall, painted and repaired floors and stairway.

stair columnWe were able to find the original stair column but all of the spindles had to be replaced since we only had a few of the originals in tack. The stair rails also are brand new but we were able to match the stain and style pretty well.

I’m not sure what the white plastery goop was all over the column but it cleaned up fairly easy. We also filled in some of the large gouges in the wood with putty before staining and varnishing over the whole thing.

Now that the stairs are all put back together, the floor and trim are finished and we have fresh drywall and paint on the floors, the foyer is looking a littler more inviting.




We didn’t worry about getting the woodwork in pristine, brand new like condition. I personally like weathered, distressed and rustic. So, since we already had a major head start, I figured lets just go that route! All of the woodwork was so old and worn that we could stain over most of the wood with just a light sanding first and still keep some of the distressed look while at the same time freshening everything up. The baseboards and trim were the easiest while the stair steps and column took a little more elbow grease.

Here is another look at the before and after stair photos:

stairway stairs

Oh yeah, and we threw out those metal stair nosing pieces!

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