A Preview Of Our First…Real Renovation

The majority of our construction experience has been in new construction versus renovation. We were very involved in the design of our previous homes and we pretty much built our cabin by ourselves….with alot of help from our friends! That experience alone taught us a lot about all aspects of building and innovative design ideas.

We have also done some light renovation work in our condo and a couple of our rental properties. Things like painting, new counters and sinks, and shopping for updated appliances. Basically a warm up to a real renovation project.

So now we think we are ready for the real deal! It’s time to get down and dirty and start tearing things apart.

The house we are starting with, we purchased for a steal….or maybe not if it turns into a money pit! We shall see. From the looks of things, it has some great character. I am most excited with the wood floors and trim. There is also a great built in hutch in the dining room. The home does does need a great deal of cleaning before we can even get started with the demo work. Luckily, the previous owner still needs to come back and remove a major portion of the contents.

Here is a first look at what we are starting out with. It may make you wonder what the heck we are thinking but look close at some of those wonderful little details that we hope to restore to their previous glory!

house front pre-renovation

house back before renovation

It’s a little hard to see the condition of the outside, especially with the snow on the roof. But, the wood siding, roof, door and windows all need to be replaced. We also want to open up that front enclosed porch.

Now for the inside:

foyer before renovation

Welcome inside!

stairway before renovation

The stairway without any of the rails or banister. Those are all in a pile in the foyer and hopefully can be saved. One problem though. I counted up needing about 12 rails and we have 7. We can either replicate the other 5 or come up with something entirely different for the rails. I am most wanting to save the decorative column, that fits at the base of the stairs, anyway. It looks like that should at least be savable!

stair column before renovation

living room/dining area before renovation

The built in hutch and hardwood floors kept me focused on the possibilities and helped me to ignore that drop ceiling and overall mess.

kitchen before renovation

The old door and cabinet have character but the flooring, walls, ceiling and……bench? would have to go!

clawfoot tub before renovation

The bathroom is so tiny I could hardly get inside to take a picture. I love the old claw foot tub and plan on restoring that but the rest of the bathroom will be demolished and redone. I’m not sure what that wall material is but I feel pretty confident that whatever we do will be an improvement!

main floor bedroom before renovation

I’m hoping there will be nice wood floors underneath that…. other flooring in this main floor bedroom. The paneling and drop ceiling will also have to go. We did peak above a panel of the ceiling, in each room, and all of the ceilings are nice and high. The original plaster will either have to be replaced or repaired though.

Moving on to the upstairs:

top of stairway before renovation

YIKES! I should be scared a this point but instead I have an urge to giggle. It may be that the enormity of it all is beginning to push me over the edge. Teetering at the entrance to this room is also a bit unnerving. Can you imagine a sleepy walk out of the room at night to get a drink of water? That has disaster written all over it. I definitely see a new layout design in our future!

bedroom before renovation

Going inside that room, is this tiny bedroom. I’m thinking it would make a great walk in closet which is connected to this room:

bedroom before renovation

Can you picture this as a lovely master bedroom?  Seems like a stretch but the vision in my head is saying “oh yeah baby!”

office before renovation

This room is right at the top of the stairs and will make a very fine office….really! I don’t know what’s behind the paneling but I’m guessing it’s not brand new drywall.

There is one more small bedroom next to the office which looks about the same as the other rooms. So now that you have a good idea of what we are up against, stick with us as we tear into this home and renovate it into a vision of it’s former glory.

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